prophetic poem in frame, laying on bed
prophetic poem on shelf. near plant
prophetic poem on coffee table, candle in foreground, plant in background, relaxing environment
prophetic poem on window sill, bible open on bed

Prophetic Poem

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A fully customised prophetic poem, hand calligraphied on watercolour paper and set in a frame. Centring around identity and purpose, these poems are created based on information provided during purchase, as well as through prophetic prayer. This is a powerful gift for anyone who is a Christian, or someone whom you wish to share the love of God with. 

 *Images are of an example product and do not reflect the wording of your individual product.

*Please note: due to the nature of this product, it may take some time for this product to be finalised and sent to you. Whilst we aim to do this as quickly as possible, our first priority is creating a piece that has been produced with discernment and care.

Why our products?:

At Emma Jane Catchpole we specialise in Christian gifts and decor. Our prophetic poems are hand-calligraphied on 300gsm watercolour paper. Our poems are set apart from other competitors who only sell digital files or sell prints without a frame. All poems are framed, individually wrapped with brown paper and twine, and include a personalised poem attached on a swing tag. This makes them ready to gift to someone special straight out of the parcel, or why not get a personalised insight into the vision God has for you.