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The Seeking Truth Collective is a creative mixture of writing, blog posts, podcasts, Bible study resources, and discipleship to help Christian's grow deeper in to relationship with God.  


The Seeking Truth Podcast is a Christian podcast that aims to unravel the Word of God and discover His will for our lives. It is unique compared to other Christian podcasts in that it combines both psychological theories and Christian theology in order to better understand the bible, how we were created, why we think and act the way we do, and how to live following the will of God for our life. 

The podcast has a range of special guests, including people of different religious backgrounds, people who have dedicated their daily work to God, and people who have discovered God through revelation. 

The Seeking Truth Podcast is available on the following platforms:


Blog Posts

The Seeking Truth Blog is filled with thought-provoking articles, poems, and theological undertakings to encourage us to dig deep into self-reflection, and bettter understand the heart of our Creator Lord. 

Discipleship Resources

Resources to help keep you accountable on your journey with God, progress towards your dreams and visions and continuing to display His glory that He has placed within you.