About Us

Emma Jane Catchpole holding This is Love Poetry Book

Emma Jane Catchpole began as a small online store that launched in October 2019. Initially, the brand was created as a way to sell and promote hand-calligraphied personalised poems and a recently published poetry book, This is Love. Now, the business has spread to include both digital and physical art, and gains traffic from customers all over the globe. 

Hi, I'm Emma and I'm the face behind Emma Jane Catchpole. I've been writing poetry since 2017, but have always had a passion for books, reading and writing stories from a very young age. Poetry was initially a way for me to express my emotions to God, and my poems were never originally intended to be shared to the world. These poems spread across a variety of topics from heart laments to expressions of love for God. At the beginning of 2019 God put on my heart to turn my poetry into a book. Over the next 10 months I collated, edited and sent my poems off to be turned into the beautiful book This is Love. The result is a book that is deeply intimate and raw. I honestly never expected to one day be a published author, but it's amazing the things you can do when you give the reins of your life over to God.  


Emma Jane Catchpole doing hand calligraphy for prophetic poem, personalised gift

At the same time I realised my poetic voice could also be used in a much more personalised way when I discovered my gift to write prophetic poems into people's lives. The first two prophetic poems I ever created were gifts for close friends on their birthdays. Now my poems are available to any one who wishes to access them, and great care and diligence is taken to ensure the poems are truly prophetic and share the voice of God to the intended recipient. 


I live in the beautiful coastal city of Newcastle and I love to spend my weekends painting, researching and graphic designing; exploring the local area and pulling inspiration from the beaches and nature around me. I love learning new techniques and styles in order to bring customers products that are both up-to-date with market trends and unique.

product packaging, beautiful paper with twine and personalised poem

The products aim to be simplistic and minimalistic in order to easily fit within a wide variety of spaces and homes. I prefer to let the product's beauty speak for itself, and dress all our products in a beautiful frame that compliments the colours of the piece. The products are then wrapped in paper and twine, and a personalised poem card is attached for the recipient.This is how we differ from other companies who provide art prints, as our pieces are ready for gifting right out of the shipping package. 


At Emma Jane Catchpole, we are not just passionate about beautiful art, but about sharing the light of God and message of His love all over the world. This is why all our products centre around the theme of life, love, God and the beauty of the world around us. When designing the logo, I wanted something that would represent both who I was and who God was. This is what sparked the creation of the logo of a sun, which was also the inspiration behind the cover of This is Love. It's a daily reminder that God is light, shining into any darkness in the world and bringing peace and love with Him.


Emma Jane Catchpole has come a long way from a website used to sell books. Now we offer a range of collections, from phone and screen backgrounds, to watercolour paintings, to art prints and more. We are passionate about providing people with beautiful, meaningful products centred around a Christian theme. We understand that as Christians it can be hard to find items that are purposeful without being over-the-top, or are suitable for those friends who are not Christian but that we still want to share the love of God with. 


Shortly after launching Emma Jane Catchpole, I also launched the Seeking Truth Podcast, a podcast aimed at people who were wanting to better understand the depths of both God and ourselves as humans. The podcast is different to other Christian podcasts in that it ties both psychological view points and Christian based theology to help us better understand the bible, the way we think and behave, and how to apply God's message to our lives. You can find more about the podcast here, including ways on how to listen to the podcast. 


All in all I hope you enjoy exploring our website and can find something to add life into your home or the home of others. We appreciate any feedback, including suggestions on future products ideas. You can offer this input here. 


Emma Jane Catchpole logo, sun in border