Lockdown and Faithfulness

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It's easy to be faithful to God when life is going well.


But am I faithful to God when things aren’t doing well?

Am I faithful to God when things aren’t joyful?

Am I faithful to God when things aren’t as I expected?


When life has stopped and I'm forced to evaluate the day to day rhythms of my mind and life without any fillers… am I still satisfied?

When there’s nothing external to mask or hide your insecurities and life direction, am I still fulfilled?

When I'm forced to face head on the activities I do to fill my mind and time…. Do they truly fuel me and help me grow?

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These questions aren’t easy. Its hard to admit the answer to ourselves sometimes. But maybe this is exactly the situation we needed in order to face these questions head on. To take a good, hard look at our lives and realise how shallow they truly were, how unfulfilled we really feel with our identity and purposes.

Security, identity, purpose. They all are found within, only found by self-seeking and truly digging deep into the heart of our being. Who am I? Why am I here? And what truly satisfies my soul?

Does my job truly fulfill me, or do I long for something else? Do my friendships truly fulfill me, or are they simply ones of convenience? Those weekend hangouts and day to day routines, are they simply habits or do they genuinely add to my life?

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This is a time to reset, to re-evaluate what we are putting into our lives, and to refocus on those things we really value. The things that fill our bucket.

This is a time to really ask yourself how much you relate to God, when things are difficult to understand. To see how much we dig into God to refuel our souls, and how much of our love for Him is based on the goodness in our lives. 

Do we still love Him when things aren't good? Do we still trust in Him when things don't seem to change?


Let's not just survive these years of COVID. Let's dig in; in to God and our identity as loved, purposeful individuals. In to relationship and peace with Him as the foundation of our joy, rather than external circumstances. In to faithfulness to him even when things aren't as expected.

Let's ask the hard questions about what's really been filling us up, and use this time to refocus our lives for the better. 


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