End of Year Reflection Questions and Self Growth

End of Year Reflection Questions and Self Growth

Below is a list of reflection questions to help guide you in self-growth and personal improvement. They go through a number of categories, including personal strengths, faith, identify, vision for the future, and enhancing peace. 

If you'd like to listen to the podcast episode on these questions, click here so you we can follow along together. 

I hope they encourage you to sink further in to your self, unravel hidden thoughts and allow you to take on 2022 as the most authentic version of yourself. 

I encourage you to grab a journal and spend as much time as you need writing down the answer to each question. Don't be afraid of digging that little bit deeper. Don't feel pressured to answer all these questions in one sitting, it may take you a few times to feel comfortable enough to unlock the answers to these questions. Set up a comfortable space that you feel safe, and just allow the answers to come to you without any self-judgement or criticism. Be curious about yourself and your mind, and you might be surprised at what you discover.  


  1. What challenges did I face this year? Why did this make me feel challenged?
  2. What emotions was I feeling during these moments? Were these emotions valid or not valid now that the time has passed? What parts of my impression about these situations were correct, and which parts were I inaccurate about?
  3. How did I move through these challenges? What strategies did I use?
  4. Am I proud of the way I got through these challenges? If not , what would I do differently next time? If yes, why am I proud?
  5. What did I learn that I can apply in my next challenging situation?


  1. When I think of myself in the future, what kind of person do I want to be? How do I want to speak to people? How do I want to interact with people?
  2. What parts of that do I already show now?
  3. What parts do I need to learn how to grow in more?
  4. What comes naturally and easily to me? Can I interact with people easily, can I organise and plan things well, am I good at encouraging people with words?
  5. What parts of my natural gifts overlap with the vision I have of myself? Can I see how your gifts might be leading me down the path of who I want to be? Can I see what parts I might need to develop more?


  1. When do I feel most at peace? What am I doing? Who am I with? Where am I standing? How can I incorporate more of that into my life?
  2. What areas of your faith do you struggle with? How can you work through that?
  3. What supports might I need? What information might I need to gather?
  4. Who are the people I feel safe and secure around?
  5. What is it about them that draws you to them? Why do I feel safe?
  6. Who else has similar qualities?
  7. If this is something that makes me feel safe, am I replicating these qualities in my own life?
  8. Am I allowing myself to be a safe person for other people? Do I allow myself to be a safe person for myself?
  9. Do I allow these safe people to speak into my life and guide you?
  10. Do I allow them into all of my life, or just some areas of my life? Why don’t I allow them in to every area?
  11. Who is someone that I honour and respect the way they are living?
  12. Do you reach out to them for support or wisdom?
  13. What can you aim to learn from this person, through talking to them or observing the way they approach things?


  1. Do you know three things that you enjoy? What can you do to discover these things if you don’t?
  2. Do you have things up your sleeve that refill your bucket? Places you can go, people you can see, activities that you can do when you’re feeling down or lost?
  3. What can you do to find these things? How can you discover what works for you and what recharges you?
  4. How much of myself am I allowing to be influenced by those around me?
  5. How much of who I am now is dictated by who others have said I should be?
  6. How much am I acting out that person that I said I wanted to be earlier?
  7. If I’m not acting them out, why aren’t I doing that? What’s blocking me from that?
  8. Do I doubt I can be that person? Am I uncertain about the first steps to take? What’s making it difficult to be that person I want to be? What do I need to learn to be them?


  1. How much do I let God into my life?
  2. How much do I let Him guide me in every day decisions?
  3. How much do I trust that He’ll actually be there for me?
  4. Is any of this based on how other people have let me down in the past?
  5. Is any of this based in the hurts I’ve experienced from people before?
  6. How can I learn to separate God from the people who’ve hurt me?
  7. How can I learn to trust God even when I don’t understand?
  8. What’s something God’s been asking me to do for a while?
  9. What’s holding me back from actually doing it? What am I afraid of?
  10. If I can take one bold step next year, that I can be proud at the end of the year to say I’ve done it, what is that thing? What do I want to accomplish?

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